No Refuge Here! Minister Tells Jamaican Lottery Scammers They’ll Be Sent To Face The Music In US


KINGSTON, Jamaica, Wednesday September 14, 2016 – Justice Minister Delroy Chuck is sending a loud and clear message to anyone involved in the Jamaica-based lottery scams that cheated Americans of millions of dollars – don’t expect to hide here; we’ll be sending you to face justice in the US.

He says once evidence is provided and extradition requests are made for lottery scammers, they will be granted.

“When we find these lotto scammers they must be put away in jail for a good while. They must face the consequences of their actions,” he insisted.

“I will be very willing to sign the extradition for them to go over there and suffer serious penalties. Let the word go out – lotto scamming must cease.”

Several Jamaicans have been charged, some of them convicted, in lottery scheme cases in the US courts.

The scams involved calling victims, many of them elderly people, claiming that they had won money in a lottery but would need to pay fees to collect the winnings.



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