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Shenseea The New “Queen of Dancehall”? MC Nuffy Retires Spice

Rhythm City FM | January 18, 2021

Shenseea is the new Queen of Dancehall, even though Spice is still active in the genre, according to MC Nuffy,

Dancehall artiste Shenseea seemingly unlocked a new level on Sunday night when she delivered a freestyle that could rival some of the greatest lyricists in the world. No wonder the likes of media personality Lala Anderson and rapper Missy Elliot gave the Pretty Little Thing ambassador her props for how she handled herself on the beat. It’s no surprise that her freestyle is now influencing talks of a possible takeover within the competitive arena of dancehall.

Hopeful Shenseea’s fans have been eyeing the queen of the dancehall throne for their queen for some time now, and according to a handful, the time to assume the position has finally arrived. Popular host and dancehall personality MC Nuffy is also calling for the removal of the current titleholder, Spice, while throwing his support behind the Interscope Records signee.

Spice a get old like me, and dis likkle young girl is next in line. Spice crown gone clean,” he said.

“Dis (Shenseea) is the new girl. If yuh notice everybody a give her female artiste a di year fi 2020 and a supmn dem can’t deny. When Spice did fi get it, she get it. So now it may look a way to some people, but she (Shenseea) earn every success coming her way. She has great work ethic, she has a mega-team weh help her get a bagga endorsements, and she a get international attention many only dream about. Nuh see all Missy Elliot a comment pan the girl thing. Yuh think Missy Elliot blind? The big dancehall crossover can happen anytime now because this is the girl. ”

MC Nuffy and Spice have been at odds for a number of years now. While speaking to The Star, he explains that their beef has nothing to do with his position on the matter. He further highlighted that he gave Spice her flowers when it was deserved. However, Nuffy said that he feels Spice does have much creative energy left in the tank.

“When she fi get praise, she get it. But a just facts mi a talk. I did give Spice the princess of dancehall when she just start because Lady Saw was queen, and I tell her say she was going to be queen when Lady Saw leave the industry. I know champions,” he said. “She did her thing, made some great moves for dancehall, but now she buck.

Is Shenseea the new Queen of Dancehall?

He continued by praising the “Rebel” singer while listing some of her attributes that make her the complete package.

“Mi observe everything weh a gwaan inna di business and honestly, Shenseea gone a lead now. She a do di music weh overseas wah hear, she have a likkle Nicki Minaj thing going for her, and she look like a star. She is the complete package fi dancehall right now and dats why everywhere she go she a lock it down. Dancehall did need something like dis and it come, and when yuh see it come yuh affi embrace it.”

Being labeled the queen of anything is surely a cushy position, and one many strive to occupy. The latest call for a change has led to the following question: Does Shenseea actually want to be the Queen of Dancehall?

While speaking to The Star earlier in the week, Shen expressed that she has no interest in contesting for the throne and simply wants to continue to grow musically.

“I’m honored that they (the fans) see me as such (the next dancehall queen) but it wasn’t a title I’ve always wanted. I want to do music and enjoy it for the fun not because it is expected of me to do so,” she said.

The “Sure Sure” singer doubled down on her stance when she shared a screenshot of her words along with an explanation that she already considers herself a Queen simply by being a woman.


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