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Safaree Addresses Criticism He Caused Erica Mena’a Appearance To Change

Rhythm City FM | December 7, 2022

Safaree isn’t pleased that fans and supporters of his ex-wife Erica Mena are criticizing him for stressing her out with marriage, divorce, and other issues the couple experienced over the last year.

This week another episode of Love & Hip Hop Family Reunion aired, but while the Safaree and Erica divorce issues storyline seemed played out, fans couldn’t help but notice how different Erica looked during the episode versus a year ago.

Mena was dolled up, but her body appeared to have shed massive weight while she also appeared gaunt, with a vein in her forehead protruding. Many of her fans commented on her look, noting that she was stressed out and emotionally drained by Safaree.

The couple got divorced over the last year after just over two years of marriage. Mena filed for divorce after Safaree abandoned her in the hospital while she gave birth to their son Legend as he jetted off to Jamaica to party with his side chick turned girlfriend Kimbella Matos.

On Twitter, one fan in particular analyzed two images of Erica Mena before and after Safaree, which drew a sharp rebuke from Safaree. “Safaree s**ked the life out of Erica Mena after chasing her for years. When will women learn to never date men who spend years chasing them because the persistence is strictly coming from the thrill of the chase,” the fan tweet said.

Safaree, however, popped up with a reply on the Neighbourhood Talk as he denied stressing her out.

“Y’all took a 8-10 yr old pic of her and put it side by side with a horrible screen grab from a video trying to be funny,” Safaree wrote in the comment.

“Y’all internet nerds be miserable,” he said before telling critics before leaving some parting expletives.

The latest episode on the show features Erica and Safaree talking about their relationship and the impact the divorce had on them. While Erica has candidly spoken about the emotional baggage she has carried, Safaree has been in a constant state of denial about hurting Erica Mena.

On Friday, fans reacted to Safaree chiding critics.

“I thought that I was the only one who noticed how thin and stressed Erica looks,” one fan said.

“Typical Narcissist response! Praying for Erica’s healing! Dealing with someone like this yet alone having kids by them is so traumatizing! Love you E,” another one of Erica’s fans wrote.

Others called out Safaree, who chose to remain quiet on the Reunion special instead of responding to Erica and instead choosing to address social media users.

“His love bomb phase ain’t going to hot because y’all blowing up his spot. When setting up his victim he gotta jump thru hoops. Now he gotta show his new victim that his old victim deserved it and that’s not working out with this publicity.”






Written by Rhythm City FM

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