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Offset Explains Why He Cheated On Cardi B and How He Fixed It

Rhythm City FM | August 1, 2023

Offset says he regrets cheating on his wife, Cardi B, and says every time people try to argue with her and use his past cheating as barbs, it brings “trouble” to his home. While on the Way Up podcast with Angela Yee, the rapper was asked about his relationship with Cardi B and what he thinks about people fighting her and bringing up his past indiscretions.

“It’d be straight lies and they just be attacking and to be honest, I hate the fact that every time she have issues with somebody else they bringing me up and they be like my past be covering up everything I done did and all this time I ain’t did noting,” the rapper said.

He added, “Oh he cheat he cheat and that sh*t be unfair to be because I be working hard, I haven’t done anything…as soon as there’s an argument they just attack me… they be trying to mess up my household with cap and then bring up my past and I can’t get past my past so that sh*t ain’t fair.”

Offset was also asked about why he cheated he explained that he did not fully comprehend being married so young.

“I was in a different space, I was young, I had just got married, and I’m getting a lot of money. Really it was about communication, we got married and we didn’t really our communication was good but I wasn’t saying my wants and needs and vice versa,” he said.

The rapper admits that he was wrong even he was explaining his behavior, adding that he was using “lean,” which affected his ability to make good decisions. The rapper says he is grateful for Cardi being a “real one” and recognizing and appreciating his growth. “We real people at the same time and y’all people just attacking me,” the rapper said.

Meanwhile, Offset also spoke about the reverse if Cardi was to cheat, adding that he couldn’t handle it and “whoever it is ain’t safe.” According to the Atlanta rapper, Cardi B is his wife and not his little girlfriend.

“That’s my wife. That’s what n****as don’t understand. This not my little girlfriend or no baby mamma or nothing. It’s my wife, it’s my household, this is where I put my house in. We raise our children together. Like playing games cause you see things on the internet can take things to other places. I’m a grown man, I’m not playing bout mine, never.”

Cardi B and Offset got married in 2017, but the Bronx rapper filed for divorce in 2018 after reports that the Migos rapper cheated on her. However, Offset says he respects his wife for the quality of woman she is.

“Mine is a real one gon let me know,” the rapper also added that Cardi would remind him that other men are interested in her.

“She a different type of girl I ever been with. To be honest, she a G, she pop her mouth and like talk crazy but on a lord’s level I ain’t never been with a woman as loyal,” Offset said about his wife.

In the meantime, the rapper revealed that he was working on his forthcoming solo album. “It’s fire too,” the rapper said, adding that “it counts. It’s my breakaway. It shows who Offset is.”

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