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Jahshii Lauded For Powerful Performance Repping Dancehall Freshman Artistes

Rhythm City FM | March 14, 2022

Jahshii shines in live performance OnStage while representing for freshman dancehall.

Proving that his success was no fluke and that he has the musical versatility to hang with some of the more recognizable names in dancehall, Jahshii went all out in a one-of-a-kind performance on Saturday as he left it all in the ‘On stage’ Studios. The 21-year-old “Keep Up” entertainer, whose real name is Mluleki Clarke, came hot and heavy with a musical message which he resoundingly delivered.

Though Winford Williams seemed hell-bent on labeling him as ‘controversial’, saying it several times before and during the interview, the “Life Changes” artiste was more comfortable calling himself “Cream of the Crop,” stating “Cream of the crop, it different don’t?” and went on to discuss how for him it was all about growth.

He lauded Williams for allowing him to use that platform to reach his fans through another medium. “My career grow man. Through the On Stage interview it give the thing a kind of high beam, you see me? And not just the music but the interviews and even this platform has a lot to do with the growth cuz people really get fi see where you waa reach and the question dem wey ask and dem tings deh, you know wey me a sey?”

The outspoken deejay admitted that the Entertainment Report interview he did late last year with Anthony Miler impacted his career in both negative and positive ways. “I always forward man, when time you see we learn life everyday. Everyday we live, we learn.” Williams interjected and went on to explain how pioneers of the past have facilitated him being about to have a platform by kicking down doors that were previously closed to dancehall artistes.

When questioned about his previous statement wherein he said some artistes do nothing to help upcoming youngsters in the business and attached veteran Shabba Ranks’ name to it, Jahshii responded that just like the veterans, he too is prepared to kick down more doors. There are many young artistes he emphasized who are sitting on the corner because they just cannot get a ‘buss’ and these men have inborn talent just like himself and like Shabba Ranks as music for many comes naturally to the point that the genre they utilized does not even have to be dancehall.

In speaking more about Shabba, jahshii then stated that despite what the “Raw As Ever” artiste has achieved, he cannot honestly say that he is a fan because he simply did not grow up listening to his music. “Personally, me is not a fan of Shabba . Me caa sing a Shabba now, me only can tell you sey ‘a me man, me dutty stinking Shabba.’ Me nuh know nuh Shabba song, you get wey me me a sey? My brain stop. Me will go medz some Sizzla and dem ting deh. Memba sey me young too, so me forward up come hear Jah Cure and dem man deh and listen dem man deh music so a really dem me know of pon dem platform deh and sey yow, me waa be like dem man deh.”

In his younger days, he said he came up in his community seeing artistes like Mavado. He also began pursuing music long before it became profitable. “I’ve been doing this like before me can sey a it a feed me. Me a dweet same way a go studio just fi d love of it.” In the end, he did hail Shabba Ranks as a pioneer in the industry who did deserve the accolades that he has been given, which seem to satisfy Williams. Jahshii closed out the interview by giving a stellar performance lasting over ten minutes which included his new song “Born Fighter.”
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