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Chronic Law Confronts Disc Jockey Playing Alkaline Music At Boat Party

Rhythm City FM | February 1, 2023

Don’t ever play Alkaline music around Chronic Law.

The St. Thomas deejay was on a boat party recently enjoying himself with some friends when the resident disc jockey decided to commit the ultimate sin and play Alkaline song “Nah Fi Like.” Luckily for us, Chronic Law was on Instagram Live and captured the moment he confront the DJ and demanded he quit playing his opps music. In the clip below, the Law Boss quickly turned to the DJ and let him know none of that will be tolerated in his presence.

“None a that pon e bombocl*** boat ah mi deh yah enuh, yow tell him,” the deejay said as two of his friends seemingly went and informed the DJ, who complied with the request.

Back in 2019, Alkaline famously beefed with the 6ix crew comprising Chronic Law, Squash, and others, with several diss tracks recorded on both sides of the divide. The lyrical feud eventually ended with no clear winner but with several hits from the artists involved. Perhaps it’s safe to say that authentic dancehall won in the end. It seems that the Hill Top deejay is still keeping Alkaline at arm’s length since he doesn’t even want to hear his music play around him.

This is not uncommon in dancehall and hip hop parties where rival artists don’t want their opps music playing once they’re in the party or club. We saw that with Cardi B at a club last year where the deejay mistook her for Nicki Minaj and was playing Nicki’s music at the same time. The whole thing caused a stir, much to the dismay of the partygoers. The DJ later apologizes to Cardi B for the mishap.As for Chronic Law, he went on to party and seemed to have a good time free of Alkaline music.

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