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Ziggy Marley Explains Why He Said He Is Not Black

Rhythm City FM | September 13, 2018

Bob Marley’s eldest son Ziggy has clarified his controversial statements claiming that he is not black.

The international Reggae superstar recently stirred up some controversy after he sensationally claimed he was not black during a Facebook post.

According to the “True To Myself” singer, some fans just misunderstood the broader message he was trying to convey as he doesn’t identify himself as black or white but rather as a human being.

Sources say the singer sees himself as a black man of African ancestry but chooses to be identified as a human being. “We are all humans whether you’re black, white, brown, or purple, and that is just what he is saying ‘I am human.”

The singer made the controversial statements while he was promoting his self-titled album, which was released in 2016. The project is centered around the themes of love and unity among the human race.

In 2015, Ziggy Marley shared this poem:

I’m not a Buddhist, I’m not a Christian, I’m not a Muslim,
I’m not a jew.
I’m not a what, I am a who.
I’m not black, I’m not white, I’m not yellow, I’m not blue.
I’m not a what, I am a who.
I’m not a communist, I’m not a capitalist, I’m not a socialist
I’ve got a view.
But I’m not a what, I am a who.
A being free minded, labels just won’t do
my life isn’t predetermined, I evolved as I grew
so when we meet don’t ask me what I am but ask me who,
and I’ll tell a deep tale of a person just like you.
I am not a what, I am a who. Who Are You?


Written by Rhythm City FM

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